What is electro coating?

Electro coat is an immersion painting process in which charged paint particles are attracted to a metallic surface. It is the most cost effective way to enhance any kind of metal with corrosion protection in mind. Our electro coat line is computer controlled for uniform coverage and reliability.

How is electro coating applied?

In cathodic electro coating, the part is given a negative charge, attracting the positively charged paint particles to the part. Cathodic coatings are high performance coatings with excellent corrosion resistance to the exterior elements. Electro coating is applied in a thin 0.4-1.2 mil. Film so that the entire part will be covered inside and out.

Is electro coat safe for the environment?

Most electro coat technologies are formulated to be heavy metal free, with little or no HAPS, and very low levels of organic solvents. There is a minimal amount of solid waste associated with a properly maintained electro coat system. An average electro coat system produces a half a drum or less of solid waste to dispose of annually.

What about the energy requirements?

Electro coat is the most efficient paint technology on the market today. The efficiency ranges 95-99% utilization of materials, so the paint waste is minimal and the savings gets passed to our customers.

Is the process fast?

No other paint system has the capacity of an electro coat system. We are able to densely rack parts while achieving an even film coverage.

How would you sum up the benefits of e-coat?

Our immersion painting process is computer controlled for an even continuous film over any metal surface including hard to reach areas, thus providing a durable protective coating. This consistent finish will provide the best adhesion and corrosion protection over any other coating in the market. At the same time eliminating spray gun error, runs, and drips. Our waste water treatment facility along with our coat efficient pretreatment system will assure minimal paint waste and cost savings to our customers. Our 1520 gallon tank is capable of coating parts of 96″x42″x30″.

Custom Coating Services Available

Freedom Finishing offers custom metal coatings. Ecoat acts like a primer and prevents metals from rust, while Powder Coating over Ecoat can sustain the outdoor increments up to 30 years or more! We offer both Ecoat and Powder Coating to individuals and can Powder Coat any color, solid tones, metallics, and even wrinkle finishes.. Lawn furniture, wheels car parts, engine parts, AT & bike frames and parts, metal artwork, sheet metal, railings, fences, sign frames…ect.